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A good website is indispensable for your business. Nobody can do anything about the development of the internet. A website enables you to increase your clients. You will lose potential customers if they can not find you on the internet. With a website you are accessible day and night, which ensures that visitors interactively find the information they seek without your presence. The results of a website are measurable and the most important: A website is the online business card for your business. It is therefore important to put yourself professionally on the map and this can be done with a good and professional website of Hosting Caribbean.


The fine print

With an all-in-one hosting package from Hosting Caribbean, you can choose from our different themes based on your industry. These themes are all suitable for mobile devices and optimized for search engines. The formats, colors, images and texts of these themes can all be modified. An all-in-one website package lets you choose between 2 options: up to 10 pages or infinite pages. When you choose the first option, your website consists of up to 10 pages. In addition, with an all-in-one website package, you have access to:


– 750 MB disk space (SSD)

– 10 GB Bandwidth

– 10 Email Accounts

– Unlimited support (Chat, Email & Phone)

– Content management (Customize text / images included, if new pages or additional features have to be created, a separate estimate will be made for this)

– Free design


An all-in-one website package is a monthly subscription


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