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The world of E-commerce is not only growing every day, more and more customers are buying their products online. With an all-in-one webshop basic package, you can serve your customers online 24/7. The advantage of an online webshop is that your results are measurable and that you can see the statistics. With an all-in-one webshop you are accessible day and night, which ensures that visitors interactively find the information they are looking for without your presence. This service is suitable for a webshop with a maximum of 100 products.


The Fine Print

• 2 GB disk space (SSD)
• 15 GB Bandwith
• 10 Emailaccounts
• Unlimited support (Chat, Email & Phone) max. 15 minutes per support request. If the trainings, explanations and custom adjustments take longer than 15 minutes, then we will make a separate assessment.
• Create the content of the webshop.
• Free design
• 3 themes as an example to use as a basis for your webshop.
• The themes are suitable for mobile devices and optimized search engines.
• Format/Colors/images & texts can be changed.
• The webshop uses the e-commerce plugin ‘Woocommerce’. This webshop consists of all the basic features of Woocommerce, which you can find here:
• Woocommerce can be expanded with a lot of free and paid modules. The installation of the modules is customization and not included in the monthly fee.
• The webshop will be delivered with 1 or 2 example products. Completing the webshop and the maintenance of the product stock is the responsibility of our customer and not included in the monthly fee. Hosting Caribbean can offer support, in this case there will be a separate estimate of the extra work.
• It is possible to offer your customers online payment options. We will produce your webshop with the right features for online payment. During the development of the webshop you can contact CX Pay ( directly to open an account, they are our partner with regard to payment. All further formalities with regard to online payment (after producing the webshop) are related to CX Pay.
• If they using a Dutch bank account and the company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, then we advise to use the payment module of Mollie.

Please note you will pay $150 setup fee!

This service is terminable every month, with one month notice.



• You have to send us your logo.
• The primary and secondary color-codes.
• The website structure you prefer.
• The theme you prefer.
• At least 5 general images.
• At least 2 product images.
• General texts (information about your company, conditions, contact data etc.)
• Product information of two example products.
• Domain name for registration.



• One-time installation costs theme $75.
• One-time installation costs webshop module $75.
• Monthly hosting & management (inclusive design & support) $55. As soon as the first version of the webshop is produced, the agreement will start.
• The contract is cancellable monthly, with one month notice period.
• Completion of the demo version: within 1 week after agreement.
• Payment is taking place by Paypal and will be automatically paid in advance every month, automatic bank debit is possible in consultation.
• With delinquent payment of two terms, Hosting Caribbean reserves the right to keep the webshop temporarily offline.
• The webshop may be bought off after 1 year full term by paying $250 once. The property and management of the webshop and domain will be transferred to the end customer.


Additional options:

• Multilingualism of your webshop, we will purchase a separate plugin and installing it – you have to pay $100 once. (Content and texts not included)
• If you’d like to, we can take care of writing all the texts. When the design is finished, we will make an estimate. Please note you will pay $35 per text of 200-250 words.
• Webshop training – in this training we will give you practical advice about setting up the content and how you can add new products in your webshop. The training takes 2 hours and is suitable for every beginning or advanced webshop owner – you will pay $130 once.

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