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Google Customer Reviews

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Reviews play a very important role in a consumer purchasing process. That’s why Google introduced Customer Reviews, which gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the consumers which have made a purchase on your site. In this case, your consumer can complete a survey to rate their experience, with just one click at the “checkout page”. In this blog, we provide more information about the basics, how it works and what benefits your purchase figures.
Google Customer Reviews is accepted by seller rating, which helps you earn stars on your Seller Ratings on Search Ads and Google Shopping. Google Customer Reviews helps you inform your users what other consumers find of their experience on your site.
How it works
The customer’s reviews are used to help determine a seller rating for your site. This seller rating is between 1-5 stars and is displayed on search ads and on Google Shoppings. This review will also appear on your Google Customer Reviews badge. This badge is a visual way to help customers easily identify with the Google brand. This will promote your sales rating, which can then be placed on any page or site you wish.
Positive purchase experiences can turn your potential consumers into a purchase, which offers an advantage. Would you like to know more about Google Customer Reviews? Contact us and we will help you with all your further questions.

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